The Banning Museum - CarriagesThe Friends of Banning Museum collect, procure, preserve and display materials that relate to Phineas Banning and the Banning Family, the history of Southern California from 1850-1900, and 19th century home-life and home furnishings.

When you visit the Banning Museum, you are able to step back in time and view a Victorian home as it would have been when a 19th century family lived there. This would not be possible without the Decorative Arts and Textiles Collection, which help to tell the story about how Victorian people lived. What did they sleep on? Where did they cook? How did they dress? All of the artifacts on display have been meticulously arranged as they would have been used in the late 19th century home, from the color on the walls to the setting of the table, to the way pictures were hung.

Our permanent collection includes: