Digital Education

Virtual Banning Heritage Week

We are pleased to announce that Banning Heritage Week is now available virtually with two options for participation. The first option is the Virtual Banning Heritage Week Video available on our YouTube channel that includes all of the usual BHW activities, including the House Tour, School Lesson, Chores, Decoupage, a Blacksmith demonstration as well as archival photos. The entire video is 48 minutes and can be viewed in one sitting.

The other options for participating in the program are PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations that can be shared with students. These presentations are designed to give teachers flexibility with how they incorporate the program into curriculum. The slides include the individual activities as well as relevant questions and activities that students can complete to enrich learning. Click on this link to download the PowerPoint Presentation: Virtual Banning Heritage Week PowerPoint Slides.

For the Google Slides, click on this link: Virtual Banning Heritage Week Google Slides.


Virtual “Living History” Field Trip

There are two options for this program. Both require the Internet to access the Banning Museum Virtual Tour.

Digital Escape Room

This interactive digital escape room allows students to virtually explore the rooms and buildings of the Banning Museum while looking for clues to “escape” each room.

Students will explore the Banning Museum rooms using a virtual walk-through on one screen, while answering questions to “escape” to the next room on another screen or tab. The escape room takes approximately 45 for students to complete.

Please download the teacher guide and other documents needed according to the platform used at your school. The Digital Escape Room link above is a website that includes all links necessary for students to participate. Internet searches are not necessary. A Google account is NOT needed to access this game for students.

Digital Escape Room Website (For all users)

Google Users (Best for Google Classroom)

Microsoft Users

Digital Scavenger Hunt

If you do not have time for our Digital Escape Room, check out our Scavenger Hunt! The Scavenger Hunt is similar to the Digital Escape Room but can be done with printables. Students will still need access to a device for our Banning Museum virtual walkthrough, but answers can be submitted digitally or using printables.

Please download the teacher guide and other documents needed according to the platform used at your school.

Google Users (Best for Google Classroom)

Microsoft Users