The Friends of Banning Museum

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friends of banning museum

Friends of Banning Museum is a non-profit organization 501(c 3) founded nearly 50 years ago in 1974 to support the Museum’s educational and cultural programs as well as ongoing restoration and conservation. We are dedicated to preserving the deep history of the Banning House and sharing the remarkable story of Phineas Banning’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit in shaping Southern California. Our singular mission is to make sure this amazing story is not lost to history and inspires all who learn it to achieve their own hopes and dreams.

We can’t do it alone, however. We rely heavily on the individual support of everyone who feels strongly like we do that preserving history matters. There are very few homes in California that come close to the splendor and cultural significance of the Banning. Please join us to make sure this one-of-a-kind historical treasure will continue to stand tall and proud for this generation and all future generations to come.