Thoroughbrace Express Wagon
Abbott-Downing Co., Concord, NH, circa 1875
Leather thoroughbrace suspension system, capability to bear half-ton, used to transport goods from railroads to dockyard.

Thoroughbrace Surrey
Unknown Manufacturer, circa 1875
Leather thoroughbrace suspension system for shock absorption. Dished and stagger-spoked wheel arrangement. Fringe on top to ward off insects and provide decoration. Carried four to six passengers.

Auto Top Phaeton
Hawley King & Co., Los Angeles, circa 1896
Iron rimmed wheels, smaller front wheels, larger back wheels. Spring suspension. Designed for light, metropolitan use. Lamps powered by non-drip acid candles.

Sidebar Buggy
Watertown Carriage Co., Watertown, NY, circa 1885
Also known as a lady’s runabout because it was preferred by independent women. Springs run parallel to body for gentle up and down motion. Wide mouth of carriage to accommodate full skirts.

Pony Wicker Buggy
Hawley King & Co., Los Angeles, circa 1896
Pulled by a pony. Used to teach wealthy young boys and girls to drive. Cost $35 when new. Spring suspension.

Jaunting Cart
Morgan & Co., London, circa 1892
Intended for short trips or excursions. Thoroughbrace and spring suspension in rear. Two rear wheels with rubber tires, large fenders, mounted lamps.

Peters Brougham
Hawley King & Co., Los Angeles, circa 1903
Custom built with English chassis. Took nine months to complete. Cost $1200. Unitized body, iron rails running from front to back. Amenities include rubber tires, intercom with electric buzzer, sliding windows and satin window shades.

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