Keeping History Alive Series Continues With Intriguing Lecture on the Port of Los Angeles

Join us on Saturday, November 11 at 9:30 am in the Banning Historic Barn when The Keeping History Alive Series kicks off with a fascinating lecture by former Port of Los Angeles Executive Director, Geraldine Knatz on her book, Port of Los Angeles: Conflict, Commerce, and the Fight for Control.

With years of research and more than 200 maps and images, Geraldine Knatz shapes an insightful storyof the Port of Los Angeles, from its early entrepreneurs to the city’s business and political leadership, and the inevitable conflicts that arose between them.  Knatz digs into the back stories of the key players in a hardcore, well-documented piece of storytelling at its best. 

This lecture is FREE for Friends of Banning Museum members and $5 at the door for non-members.

Signed books available for sale following the lecture.

Please call 310-548-2005 to reserve your seat.