OPERATION: RESTORATION – $10,000 Matching Gift Pledged!

If you have visited the Museum recently, you may have noticed that our beloved Banning house is in dire need of some serious TLC. Beleaguered by peeling paint and exposed raw wood caused by harsh coastal conditions, the grand ‘ole mansion desperately needs extensive exterior refurbishment and restoration. We’re not just talking about a new coat of paint. It’s much more than that. It is about conserving and safeguarding a National Historic Landmark that is a vital link to Southern California’s past.

To address the situation and prevent further damage to the house’s exterior and structural elements, we recently launched OPERATION: RESTORATION. Through OPERATION: RESTORATION, we are raising funds to have the mansion repaired and painted just in time for its 150th Anniversary in 2014.

With the generous support of the City of Los Angeles, the project is currently underway with the entire residence completely surrounded by scaffolding. Because of the Banning’s enormous size, it took nearly a week to put it all in place! With that critical phase now complete, carpenters will be able to repair and replace any damaged wood and prepare the exterior surface for painting by mid-to-late June. This is where we need a little help from you, our friends who cherish the place as much as we do.

$10,000 Matching Gift Pledged!

Thanks to a generous donor, your gift today to OPERATION: RESTORATION will be doubled up to $10,000. This incredible pledge accelerates our efforts to refurbish and paint the Banning Mansion in time for our 150th Anniversary in 2014.

To date, the Friends have raised $47,225 towards the project. We now have to raise less than $30,000 to get the job done. Can you help? Can you help us protect and preserve this irreplaceable treasure so that it stands another 150 years?

Click the DONATE button below or call 310-548-2005 if you want to help restore and protect the Banning Museum for generations to come. Please know that any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you for standing with us in OPERATION: RESTORATION!