Virtual Field Trips Ready for Teachers and Students

Through funding from Marathon, Valero, and also from generous supporters, Friends of Banning Museum is proud to announce our first-ever virtual field trip for third and fourth grade students. To create the field trip, we reached out to a local fourth-grade teacher who collaborated with staff and the Volunteer leaders of the Living History School Program to develop an engaging and interactive experience.

Combining the new iGuide 360 virtual tour with questions appropriate for third and fourth- grade students, a game was created in which students “go back” to the 19th century by going to each room in the house, schoolhouse, barn, and The Improbable Gateway exhibition, looking for clues to help them answer questions about that particular room or building. If they answer all the questions correctly, they “escape” from the room or building and continue through the tour/field trip. A scavenger hunt for students is also included for those teachers not able to use the “escape room” option in their class.

A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide is available outlining the field trip’s alignment with state standards and methods to present this program to their students.

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