Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Collins

“My name is Anna Collins. I retired as a registered nurse in 2010. Prior to retiring, I worked as a Home Care Nurse and then a Staff Developer including instructor for CNAs. The Trade School decided to move to North Hollywood, which was the last straw I needed and retired after 40 years.
I was exploring a list of possible places to spend my time. Meals on Wheels, thrift shop or Torrance Air Museum did not allow me to meet people or learn about the surrounding world.
I saw an article about the Banning Museum and the possibilities it offered. I have always been interested in the ”historical side” of things. I signed up for the training class starting in October 2011. Following the completion of the class, I started my docent career and learned as I went.
Marsha Kelly, who was President of the Volunteers at the time, asked me to assist her with the Banner and the rest is history as they say. I have been Editor of the “Banner” since 2012.
This allows me to keep up with the new (electronics) and share my love of historical items, changes, and how those changes affect the younger generations.”

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