Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Salazar

Jessica Salazar is a relatively new volunteer. According to Jessica: “I’ve only been volunteering for a few months. I decided to volunteer at the Banning Residence because I love this house and everything that it represents. I believe it is a privilege to do our civic duty and be part of something positive in our own community.” As a Banning Museum volunteer, Jessica assists with public tours and special group tours of the interior of the Museum, Stagecoach Barn, and grounds. She adds: “I participate in Museum programs such as special events, lectures, and discussions. I believe that history is important because it has a way of guiding you into the future. (It makes us) show respect for and understanding of the efforts that went into the Port of Los Angeles and what it means now. I often think about what our town, our cities look like without our ports? Studying history (and volunteering at the Banning Museum) gives me a deeper understanding of what is possible. I also feel that I have an old soul.”

Here’s information about volunteer opportunities at the https://www.thebanningmuseum.org/support/volunteer/