Volunteer Spotlight: Simie Seaman


Simie has been a Friends of Banning Museum Board Member and volunteer for 18 years! She has been a member of the museum for 34 years. You’ve probably seen her at events behind the camera – many of the beautiful shots we feature here are taken by Simie. Together with Lana Hollis, she is one of the sponsors of the very popular Annual Tea and Tunes event. She also volunteers at the following: Drum Barracks Civil War Museum, Wilmington Historical Society, Wilmington Neighborhood Council, Banning Wrigley Historic District Neighborhood Watch, and the Banning Wrigley Historic HPOZ Board.Simie shares: “I love history and that’s why I moved to Wilmington over 45 years ago and live in the Banning Wrigley Historic Neighborhood just a block away from the Banning Museum. So, being a volunteer at one of the most significant historic sites and museums in California was one of my passions. I’m so blessed to be a part of Banning Museum Family.”She believes “it’s very important to keep history alive. It’s a sad fact that as time passes; the memories of some of the most important days in our history will eventually fade. It’s up to all of us to keep these memories alive and ensure that these momentous days in our past never fade away. Because that’s who we are, that’s where we came from. We can’t let that die…..”

Learn how you too can become a Banning Museum volunteer: